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About Me

    Greetings, my name is HYP, commonly called HY, starting to become a new blogger for a few weeks, starting to make bloggers because to add insight and train myself to word by word so that the school exam can compose the answers properly and correctly hehe and of course as an asset in the future. I am still a beginner blogger, I still have a lot to learn.

    This blog is just a shering of hobbies, experiences, thoughts, opinions and what I see, observe, learn, and anything that might be used as writing material from my own experiences and experiences of other fellow bloggers.

    In fact I have been from the junior high school in the IT world but only thought of making a blog a few weeks ago, because I was busy looking for things that were completely free and fast on the internet so I forgot to think about things that could be useful in the future even though it took a long time to enjoy the results, for example being a blogger.

    I am now still studying at one of the campuses in Indonesia and is still in semester 3.

    In addition to my busy lectures, my other activities are managing this blog. Besides that, I also have to think about pocket money because there are a lot of things that have to be bought or paid for for college needs, and just want to try to insert money to buy a domain hehehe.

    Lately I have always thought about how to divide my time into college and take care of this blog so that it continues to grow, because in the past few weeks my college was a mess and I always woke up at 3am to take care of my blog because I went from morning to evening, at night I worked on campus assignments and was only able to take care of my blog at 3am until morning.
    My target is that I have to be able to make 5 articles a week without interrupting my studies. I hope my target is aamiin.

    Haha, I don't feel like I have written a long time when I just learned to write my heart

    So hopefully my short profile can inspire.

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    All content in this blog is an opinion, and the results of personal experience. there is no guarantee that if you follow the content in this blog it will be successful. the results obtained depend on the hard work of yourself and each other's luck. (03/10/18) :)