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Read Reborn as the Enemy Prince Novel by Cha Seo Hyeon


    Reborn as the Enemy Prince Novel - I could hear the hum of life in my ears. It was hard to breathe. I raised my gaze and stared into the distance. However, my blurred vision could not see anything. The light began to fade. That was my last memory. When I opened my eyes once again, it was 10 years before that last memory took place.

    And of all the things I could have become, it was from the enemy country that drove Secretia to ruin I became Kyris’ third prince Calian. Bern was the proud Crown Prince of Secretia who fought and died in the war against Kyris. But he woke up 10 years into the past as the timid Third Prince of Kyris, Calian.

    Reborn as the Enemy Prince Novel Summary

    Embark on a riveting journey of rebirth, intrigue, and the complexities of newfound identity with "Reborn as the Enemy Prince," a novel skillfully crafted by the talented Cha Seo Hyeon. Within the pages of this captivating narrative, readers are invited to explore a world where the lines between friend and foe blur, and a prince finds himself navigating the challenges of a life reborn.

    Join us as we navigate through Cha Seo Hyeon's storytelling, where the protagonist's journey unfolds against a backdrop of political intrigue, self-discovery, and the quest for redemption. This novel promises an immersive and thought-provoking experience, offering readers a front-row seat to the enthralling saga within the embrace of "Reborn as the Enemy Prince."

    Description of Novels

    Title: Reborn as the Enemy Prince

    Other Title: How to Live as the Enemy Prince

    Author: Cha Seo Hyeon

    Original Publisher: Munpia

    Ratings: 4.4 (Very Good)

    Genre: Action

    Language: English

    Reborn as the Enemy Prince Novel

    How to Read Reborn as the Enemy Prince Novel

    The novel entitled Reborn as the Enemy Prince is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Novelupdates application which you can download on the google play store by searching for "How to Live as the Enemy Prince" in the search menu for the Novelupdates application or directly open here.

    After opening the link above, later you will be directed to the safelink site, please scroll down, wait a moment, and click the Read link, then you will be directed to the official site of this novel.


    Well, that's the review and how to read the Reborn as the Enemy Prince Novel. This novel is a novel that is suitable to read for those of you who like Action genre novels. What do you think about this novel? Is it fun to read? Please comment in the comments column on the website below.

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