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Read Novel The Destined Lover By Iris Darwin Full Episode


    The Destined Lover Novel - Shaylee, let’s get a divorce. The Tyrese family can’t have a questionable woman as the hostess. Reese coldly declared, throwing the divorce papers in front of Shaylee. Shaylee and Reese were married for two years. One day, Reese suddenly threw the divorce paper in front of Shaylee.

    He was nothing but cruel. Shaylee knew that Reese wanted to get a divorce from her so he could be with the woman he truly loved. In his eyes, Shaylee was nothing more than damaged goods that had been defiled by another man.

    He didn’t give a damn about her at all. But Shaylee refused to give in. Stop dreaming, Reese. Over my dead body can that woman become a part of the Tyrese family. I mean it.

    Description of Novels

    Title: The Destined Lover

    Author: Iris Darwin

    Publisher: - 

    Genre: Romance

    Read Novel The Destined Lover By Iris Darwin Full Episode

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