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Read Novel Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Iris Darwin Full Episode


    Chasing My Ex-wife Back Novel Lorraine and Enrique - Lorraine had harbored deep feelings for Enrique ever since their childhood. Despite growing up together, Enrique never reciprocated her affection as his heart belonged solely to Elvira. Their love was unrequited on both sides.

    Lorraine couldn’t marry Enrique because he didn’t love her, while Enrique was unable to marry Elvira due to familial pressures. In order to ease their respective family burdens, Lorraine and Enrique struck a secret agreement.

    Lorraine would marry Enrique to alleviate the pressure from his family, and in return, Enrique would assist in resolving Lorraine’s family issues. For three years, their marriage existed on paper alone, and they had not seen each other at all.

    When Lorraine finally returned from studying abroad, Enrique presented her with divorce papers, explaining that he needed to ensure Elvira’s happiness. Lorraine decided to sign the papers, determining to move on. However, as time passed, Enrique began to see Lorraine in a new light, questioning the choices he had made.

    Description of Novels

    Title: Chasing My Ex-wife Back

    Author: Iris Darwin

    Publisher: - 

    Genre: Romance

    Read Novel Chasing My Ex-wife Back by Iris Darwin Full Episode

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