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Read Novel Crown Prince Full Episode


    Crown Prince Novel - DANI! You need to come down here, I have something to tell you" Mom called while I was busy reading one of my collection books. I drop my book and run down the stairs before my mom decides to barge inside my room and take away my book.

    Mom? Kitchen She calls out Whats wrong? I asked the moment I saw her fidgeting, she looks to me and then she started tearing up. Your father called. 

    Just like always, this three words means more to our family than anyone else. My father was never with us, he was never around and the only time he calls us is if he wants something. But my Mom, well lets just say shes too nice that even if the guy has not showed up in years, she would still accept whatever his request is.

    What is it this time? I was annoyed His coming back and he wants to see you And just like that, my whole little normal slash crazy life went downhill. Who would have thought that a single person can stir my whole life into something else.

    Read Novel Crown Prince Full Episode

    The novel entitled Crown Prince, is very exciting to read. You can read this novel through the Webnovel application which you can download on the Google Play Store or via the link below.

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    Read Novel Crown Prince Full Episode

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