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Fate Stay Night Visual Novel Full Episode


    Fate Stay Night Visual Novel Download - Fate stay night tells the story of several weeks in the life of Emiya Shirou, a high school student in Fuyuki, Japan, when suddenly he is dragged into a battle between magic, the War of the Grail of Succ, to fight for the Holy Grail, a magic object that is believed to be able to grant everything.  the owner's wishes.

    Emiya Shirou's story began ten years ago.  In a great fire in Shinto, a part of Fuyuki, he lost his parents and it will be known that this fire is related to the Holy Grail War at that time.

    A man named Emiya Kiritsugu saved his life, and adopted him.  One full moon night, Emiya Kiritsugu tells a secret, that he is a magus.

    Kiritsugu also tells Shirou about a dream he did not achieve, namely to become a Hero of Justice, Shirou, who greatly admired his savior, was determined to carry on with Emiya Kiritsugu's ideals. He insisted that Kiritsugu teach him magic.

    However, because Shirou does not have a mage lineage, he is not talented in witchcraft, and almost always fails to learn the most basic of witchcraft.

    Fate Stay Night Visual Novel Full Episode

    Fate Stay Night Visual Novel is very exciting to follow, you can own this novel by buying it on the Amazon application which you can download on the Google Play Store or via the link below.

    Fate Stay Night Visual Novel Full Episode

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