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Novel Her Fate, His Luna by Gratsiya Full Episode


    Read Novel Her Fate, His Luna by Gratsiya Full Episode - I was stunned by her words. Future Luna? She was Damien’s mate! They were going to get married! Why on earth did Damien marry me? That young lady murmured some curses and left the room.

    Adeline ran towards me, “Are you ok, Lotus?” I could not answer her immediately. I had no clue that I would be facing something like that. That girl talked about my husband. They are getting married.

    I felt a little heart broke. Again, why should it matter? Everyone knew how these treaty marriages worked. “Is that true? Is she the Luna?”, I asked with a trembling voice.

    Adeline looked to her left and right and then came closer to me. The fact is our alpha is mateless. We don’t think he intends to find his mate either. He is not made for a mate or marriage. He gets bored easily and hence he changes his partner very frequently.

    She almost whispered in my ear. I heard that sometimes he takes multiple partners at a time just for fun! She said even in a lower voice. 

    Cersei is his new partner and she has lasted almost one month, where others lasted only for a couple of days.

    Novel Her Fate, His Luna by Gratsiya Full Episode

    The novel, entitled Her Fate, His Luna, is very exciting to read.  You can read this novel through the innovel application which you can download on the Google Play Store or via the link below.

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