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Novel Oliver Ausman Lives Again by Caitlin


    Novel Oliver Ausman Lives Again - Oliver Ausman has been given a second chance at life, but it's hard to feel grateful when he was the one trying to end it in the first place.

    Returning to his normal life after being released from the hospital is hard, especially since his parent's idea of normal is made up of dinner parties, prep school, fancy suits, and fake manners-- all paired with a complete disregard for the mental health of their firstborn. He's long been fed up with it, but the final straw is when he finds out that his "father" isn't actually his father at all.

    Oliver decides he's had enough of the perfect facade, so he packs a suitcase and grabs his younger brother, "borrowing" his mother's car to sneak off on a trip to find his biological father. 

    But he never expected to pick up a girl with her own similar set of problems, to be followed across the country by a money-hungry pair of criminals, or most of all, to find out that maybe this life thing isn't as bad as he thought.

    Novel Oliver Ausman Lives Again by Caitlin
    The novel, entitled Oliver Ausman Lives Again, is very exciting to read. You can read the full novel on WattPad.

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